Top 5 Qualities of Good Medical Assistants

Top 5 Qualities of Good Medical Assistants

Healthcare professionals, from medical from medical assistants to doctors, have very important roles in the profession of healthcare. All medical professionals have qualities which make them outstanding in their profession. Those are:

1) Good Communication Skills: Medical Assistants must be able to communicate effectively with doctors and patients alike.

2) Good Bedside Manner: Medical assistants must make patients comfortable at all stages of exam and treatment, including in the waiting room.

3) Be a Problem Solver: Medical assistants must be able to quickly devise answers to problems involving the human body and other items such as insurance paper work.

4) Empathetic: It is important that medical understand the feelings and emotions of patients to help insure proper care.

5) Thorough: Minor errors can lead to large problems, thus medical assistant must be very versatile and thorough with all of their duties.

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