Medical Assisting Career Specialties

Medical Assisting Career Specialties
  • Dental Assistant – Dental assistants sterilize and disinfect instruments, take dental x-rays, and prepare dental impressions in addition to performing a number of other clinical and office tasks.
  • Hemodialysis/Dialysis Technician – Working under supervision of physicians and nurses, the technician cleans and disinfects dialysis-related medical equipment as well as administers medication and keeps track of patients' vital signs during dialysis.
  • Medical Billing Clerk/Coding Specialist – Familiar with insurance rules, data entry, and hospital procedure, these individuals submit documents to insurance companies and the government for repayment.
  • Medical Records Technicians – Medical records technicians are the major link between patients and doctors, making sure medical charts are complete, coordinating office administrative duties, and making sure information is relayed to staff & clients.
  • Medical Transcriptionist - The medical transcriptionist edits and transcribes medical letters, reports, and publications concerning laboratory procedures, examinations, and operations on patients.
  • Occupational Therapist Assistants – Occupational therapist assistants help patients with exercise and rehabilitation according to their treatment plan. Activities might include activities such as teaching patients how to properly stretch muscles or monitoring a patient walking on a treadmill.
  • Ophthalmic Medical Assistants – Ophthalmic medical assistants record medical histories, show the patient how to use eyewear, perform preliminary testing for eye exams, give patients eye medication, sterilize and disinfect instruments, and may assist with eye surgery.
  • Pharmacy Technicians - Pharmacy technicians maintain records of pharmaceutical inventory, assist with prescriptions, and may operate a cash register in addition to various administrative duties.
  • Phlebotomist – Phlebotomists work under a physician's supervision and are responsible for collecting blood samples from patients, and then using laboratory equipment to analyze those samples.
  • Podiatric Medical Assistants - Podiatric medical assistants, in addition to various administrative duties, make castings of patients feet, take foot x-rays, and assist podiatrists in surgery.

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