An Introduction to Online Programs at Junior Colleges

An Introduction to Online Programs at Junior Colleges

Online degree programs are sweeping the nation, and for those currently studying at, or for those interested in, junior colleges, there are plenty of programs out there for you, too.

In fact, two-year associate degrees, diplomas, and certificates are some of the most common online programs offered today. Many students find that completing a brief training course and getting right to work is a great option for them, and now with online programs so easily accessible, continuing to work while pursuing additional credentials is an easy choice.

Those interested in a brief, career-oriented training program offered at a junior college will find many similar offerings online. Associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas are offered online in majors such as business administration, design, hospitality management, information technology, and criminal justice.

For those already in possession of a junior college degree, or for those nearing completion, studying online is a convenient way to hold both a full-time job in your career field while still pursuing an advanced degree. Bachelor's, master's, and even doctoral degrees are very popular offerings from a variety of schools across the country.

Nurses, for example, may earn a nursing degree and an RN license from a junior college, start working an exciting job in a healthcare at a hospital, and then balance varying shift work with coursework in an online RN-to-BSN program. An online program allows one to listen to an audio broadcast of a lecture at two in the morning or turn in a paper via email on a Saturday afternoon. The scheduling flexibility is one of the most appealing aspects of an online program for some, especially those who want to hold on to their full-time jobs.

Many online programs are designed expressly for students with junior college experience and offer accelerated degree programs that apply previous credits earned toward bachelor degree requirements. Using an online program to complete a degree is an excellent option for anyone interested in the convenience of studying at home and the flexibility of maintaining an independent schedule.

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